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With some restrictions as to what hours of the day you can film. It can also help you stick to a tight schedule and therefore be more productive. Always aim to have the source of light coming from behind the camera and avoid having the light come directly from above the person or object you’re filming to avoid harsh shadows. When you do want to invest in a more reliable source of lighting. The best options on a budget include: an on-camera led light. Like neewer photo studio 176 led ($27); a quality ring light. Like neewer ring light ($80); and an umbrella lighting kit. Like fancierstudio 2 light kit ($40).

Image source: neewer ring light (amazon) tripod in most cases of filming. A stable video will be necessary. Unstable video is rarely tolerable so you’ll want to make sure you can stabilize your camera while shooting. The good news is that you can record a perfectly stable video simply by using your surroundings – shelves. Books and tables are all available props! Sure. It may be challenging to find the perfect angle. Especially at first. But it’s possible – and free! To make the most out of tripod set-ups. Keep your camera ideally at eye level or slightly above it. And minimal space in the frame above the person talking to the camera.

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If and when you want to invest in a proper tripod, great options can be found for under $15: the AmazonBasics 50-inch Tripod ($13); the JOBY GripTight Gorilla Pod ($20); and the LOHA Flexible Tripod ($29). Image Source: AmazonBasics 50-Inch Tripod (Amazon) Sound If there’s one piece of equipment you can’t do without, it’s a Germany phone number microphone. The microphone built in your smartphone or camera will usually do a decent job, so if you truly want to start out for free, this will give you a solid basis. 

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However, there are some issues you may come across early on with the built-in phone mics, such as it not picking up enough sound, and background noise or wind interfering with sound quality. Luckily, there’s an incredibly low-cost option to solve this problem right off the bat. There’s now a broad range of external, smartphone-compatible microphones, and the most affordable one is the one from YouMic – it does a great job and its price is only $12! At industry standard, another affordable clip-on microphone is the Rode Smartlav Lavalier, starting at $79. 

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Image Source: Rode Smartlav Lavalier (Amazon) Editing Before you share your video with the world, you’ll obviously need to edit your raw footage into a final product that delivers great flow and an abundance of value.If you’ve never edited a video before, this part may prove the most challenging part of video content creation for you. If you’re a Mac user, you’ll already have iMovie on your machine, so I’d suggest looking into that first. However if you’re not on Mac or simply aren’t a fan of iMovie, there is another brilliant, easy to use, feature-rich editing desktop app called HitFilm Express. It is completely free with no length, size or feature

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