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Bounce rate provides site owners with information. About how well optimized their site is and how users behave on it. In general, it could be said that the rejection rate answers the question. Of whether the user appreciates. Your contribution Morocco Phone Number to site preparation, whether the whole concept is correct. And whether the site architecture was designed. To make site navigation comfortable. In any case, if it were so easy to draw conclusions based solely on the rejection rate. Increasing the conversion rate would not be a problem, and every site. The owner would quickly know what to change. Infographics.

Theoretically, the Higher

The rejection rate, the worse the effect Morocco Phone Number on your site will be, but you should only worry about analyzing a specific landing page. Why would such a scheme of activities be the best? Because it is a problem with the interpretation of the information collected by the rejection rate. There is no scheme that can be used for all services. It requires an individual analysis and, above all, knowledge about a particular site and its subpages. High rejection rates do not necessarily mean that the user did not find valuable information or the desired product on your site. This situation can also indicate the opposite – the user found out everything he was looking for on a particular topic and went back to the search to find something else.

This Is the Case With

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Blog blogs, for example, where a single Morocco Phone Number visit it can meet all the expectations of the person looking for information. In the case of blogs, it is considered that for pages that contain articles, the rejection rate can be high and this is not a bad thing. In short: the user entered the site, read the article and left the site. What if the article encourages the user to buy? Suppose you sell laptops and the content section has a professional, reliable article about the best laptops of 2019. Include links to products in our store in the hope that the user will choose one of them and buy it by following the link. Placed in the content. The unfortunate thing is that the rejection rate is very high. In this situation, because we are dealing with a blog.

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