What Should the Category Pages Contain?

Don’t write “seo content”, write good content if you’re left with one thing in this article, let it be: write good content . Anything else can be easily achieved by leaving with this gain in the bucket. I was already saying, i saw countless category pages Latvia Phone Number with a couple of sentences thrown “for seo”. “seo” content is never helpful to people, and most of the time it doesn’t make money for google either. How can you earn by optimizing a category in the right way? Introduce your best-selling products. Or highlight the products that you think those. Who came to google on that page would like link. The current page to complementary or related categories to help users. Continue browsing the site even.

If They Didn’t

Immediately find the product they Latvia Phone Number were thinking of. Tell customers more about. Why they should buy from you e.g., fast delivery, handmade products, price advantage, etc. To produce quality content for a category page. Keep it short and focused. If you limit yourself to a few sentences about 200 words is a good choice. But, there is no perfect number of words) and you make sure. That these words communicate something of value to potential customers. You will surely be on the right track. Why 200 words and not 2000? You’ve probably read or will read in many valuable articles. That the first page of google is full of articles. Of at least 2000 words. It’s perfectly true – when it comes to information search. What you will find harder is another truth.

Google Results,

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Depending on one search or another. Tend to produce Latvia Phone Number relatively consistent results in terms of their content. I mean? A search that “requests” long articles. Will generally only produce long article results. You already understand – a search that brings in product. Categories will not produce too many long article results. So by keeping this relatively standard format. With not a very long description, keep google. From thinking that your page is different than it actually is. Optimize the h1 tag well up to a point. Category pages should be optimized just like any other page or post on any site. And this includes, in addition to page content, h1 heading optimization. The category page should only have an h1, and it should.

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