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Although meili said that mogujie is dumping France Phone Number user traffic for taobao. Tmall and other platforms, but this makes alibaba feel a huge threat. When meilishuo and mogujie were the most prosperous shopping. And sharing. Platforms, nearly 10% of taobao’s traffic came from them, and taobao and tmall. Already had France Phone Number one-tenth of their fate in the hands of others. Alibaba could not tolerate it, so they took three. Important actions. One action is to directly. Block the source of taobao customers of meilishuo and mogujie. Which directly kills the fate of photo-shopping. And sharing parasites such as meilishuo and mogujie. The second action is to launch ali’s own shopping sharing.

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Taobao and competes with the France Phone Numbershopping. Sharing platforms; the third action. Is to disable alipay for sharing shopping platforms. The result of these three actions. Is: meili said and mogujie directly. Turned to a third-party c2c e-commerce. Platform after having acquired certain business and user resources. Becoming a direct France Phone Number competitor of taobao. And also flocking to tencent. At this point, the era of domestic. E-commerce for image content has temporarily come to an end. Wechat pushes content e-commerce. To a climax, and it is difficult to go from prosperous to prosperous it was originally. Wechat business”, and it emerged in the circle of friends. Many wechat users share their products. In the wechat circle of friends and then let users buy them. However, this form has been well inherited and carried. Forward in the wechat public account.

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Of wechat public accounts began to launch their. Own micro-shops, which also gave birth to the rise of many third-party micro-shop service platforms such as youzan, weidian and other platforms. Content entrepreneurs have created. A model France Phone Number road for the commercialization of official accounts. Facing the threat of wechat e-commerce. Alibaba acquired 18% of weibo for us$586 million, blocked the entrance to wechat, and launched. Weitao to compete directly with wechat. With ali’s participation in the war, micro-business has become more popular, and even the whole. People have begun to popularize micro-business. However, with the influx of more and more. Wechat public accounts, many problems. Began to appear in wechat business.

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