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You will have the greatest success with this monetization option. Youtube merch the product shelf (aka youtube merch) is a carousel-type. Section below your video that mostly includes custom clothing products. This opportunity is valid for vloggers who produce. Content for an audience other than the romanian. One, as the Romanian public cannot (yet) order such products. You do not need a stock of goods. Warehouse or employees Jamaica Phone Number because when you sell a product. The order is processed and delivered directly. By the youtube authorized manufacturer. All you have to do is design your articles. And once you sync them to the youtube product shelf.

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Contact with your videos can order Jamaica Phone Number one or more articles. Even if they aren’t subscribed to the channel. Your. The product shelf can be set up if you are part of the youtube. Partnership program and have 10,000 subscribers. Once you meet these requirements you will receive access to the configuration of this section. It is expected that in the summer of 2021. The product shelf will also be displayed for the romanian public. Who will be able to order personalized merchandise. From their favorite content creators. However, if you are interested in a similar concept. There are local manufacturers who can list. Your designs on their website, and you will direct your audience to your products. All orders will be processed and delivered. By that company and you will be rewarded with a commission. 4. Superchats and super stickers superchats.

And Super Stickers

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Are actually donations. When you make Jamaica Phone Number a livestream. Your fans can pay for their messages to be highlighted. Which is also a form of channel support. Just like before, you must be accepted into the youtube. Partnership program and be at least 18 years old. Because this method only works in a livestream. It is difficult to appreciate how much money. You can make with this method because. It depends on your niche, the size of your audience. And of course how often you do live shows. An example and an inspiration to really understand what it means to stimulate donations. But without being annoying, is a romanian programmer. Who in the livestreams he keeps, accepts challenges against the clock.

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