Set Conversion Targets Editing

In addition, you can also change your set parameters of an event. Allowing you to merge or split certain information to gain more insight and overview in your GA4 reports. Set conversion targets Editing your events is also the best way within GA4 to Argentina WhatsApp Number List set conversion goals. Within your list of configured events you can ‘mark certain events as conversion. After which you can track them again in a separate report. If an event is just not the goal you want to measure. You can create a new event without too much effort or ensure that an existing event is adapted to your own wishes. You can then measure this as a conversion. Conversiedoelen in GA4 Google Analytics 4 Can’t Replace Universal Analytics.

Conversion Targets Editing

However, a small caveat. GA4 is far from complete in terms of functionalities and cannot serve as a full replacement for Universal Analytics for the time being. Integration with YouTube, Search Ads 360 and Display & Video 360 is planned for the coming year, as well as the ability to import data and reporting APIs. In the first months of 2021 you can further focus on expanding your event tracking. The earlier you start with GA4, the easier (and less stressful) the migration will be. As a marketer, your success often depends on the smallest details in the total customer journey.

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The Threshold To Start

Knowing the consumer of your product or service is the foundation of your work. The data you need to work in a targeted manner is usually readily available. Once you have the tools in house, performing a good analysis is a matter of combining the right data and running an analysis with it. But marketers are often hesitant when it comes to data analytics. The threshold to start often seems higher than it actually is. The crux of the matter lies in how you can obtain clear insights from those analyzes that you can then take action on. Because an analysis can yield interesting figures, but if you still have to look at an unclear graph and make your decisions based on that, it will not help you much.

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