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Seriously lack the awareness of Paraguay Phone Number internet identification and self-protection. I believe that my colleagues in the wechat team have already gained a lot of practical experience with such changes. I would like to mention here a hope that young colleagues. In addition to product thinking. Will also vigorously Paraguay Phone Number strengthen the “socialization” thinking. The complexity of various groups and strata .of society is taken as the main research topic. Be more sensitive to this change. Here are a few social perspectives: thought 1: thoughts on “interpersonal overload” in the pc era. There is a theory that the interpersonal breadth. Of sns social is 150 people. In other words, people’s energy. Can handle relationships of about 150 people.

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People feel happy without Paraguay Phone Number being overloaded. Four years ago, wechat moments made a very subtle product design, which made moments ingeniously integrated into mobile im, broadening the number limit of 150, and moments also achieved rapid growth. However, as the user base expands, so does the Paraguay Phone Number complexity of interpersonal relationships. The original ingenious design has also faced a great social problem of “interpersonal overload”. Many business people with extensive interpersonal relationships have already encountered the embarrassment of “overload”. I have seen some heavy users with more than 1,000 friends. Almost every few minutes, there is a new push in the circle of friends.

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Seen some friends, because the Paraguay Phone Number number of people in the circle of friends is too large and complicated, and they become cautious and dare not tell the truth. I don’t even dare to post it in the circle of friends. Although wechat has some custom grouping and permission management measures, it is still not elegant enough to solve this problem well. Interpersonal overload will bring great pressure, requiring more Paraguay Phone Number thinking and innovation from the social perspective of the wechat team. Thought 2: thoughts on “content overload” the official account is a major innovation of wechat, which brings users an unprecedented experience of content acquisition and service acquisition, and also brings a new ecology to content providers and service providers.

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