How Do I Know When to Send the Report to the Marketer?

At the stage of adding a guaranteed traffic offer, the publisher is required to select the period required to get appropriate traffic for the publication (for example, one week). On the day of the promotion, he will receive an email from Japan Phone Number asking him to send his article statistics, with a link to the appropriate location in the editor panel, where he can attach a file. The best option, however, is to use the whitepress® tracking code. Analyzes from this source are automatically shown to the advertiser, and you do not need to submit additional reports.

Information About the End

In addition, of the promotion period will Japan Phone Number also appear in the notification section of whitepress®. 6. What should the report sent to the advertiser look like? The best option is to use the whitepress traffic tracking code. If the publisher is unable to do so, it may also include article statistics from another analytics tool (e.g. Google analytics), which clearly indicates the source of the article, the date of the promotion, and the number of views or users depending on the option selected by the publisher in the offer). 7. What happens if i do not meet the requirements? If the publication did not reach the guaranteed traffic within a certain period, the whitepress® editors contact the publisher.

Depending on the Arrangements

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The deadline may extend Japan Phone Number or a complaint may file.  How the price of offers with guarante traffic determin? When evaluating a guaranteed traffic offer, the publisher must objectively consider the value of further promoting the article. To do this, he can check the average cpc rates for a particular industry / keyword phrase – e.g. In google ads or facebook ads. When setting the price, it is important to consider the possible purchase of a paid promotion. If the appropriate number of views or users cannot  guarante by organic activities (posting on the main page of the website, in the network social media or by e-mail). New quality parameters for websites – in / out domains and subpages / outbound domains.

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