We’ve Added 2 New Parameters to the Search Engine

In the platform, allowing advertisers to better check the potential of a particular site. The parameters define the ratio between. The inbound and outbound domains to the chosen website. And the related domains (subdomains and connected domains). How to find new indicators in white dress now. Only portals with a minimum value of in / out domains. And outbound subdomains/domains can be filtered in the portal database. Use the advanced Malaysia Phone Number search engine to do this. Measurements can also be added to the default view by selecting them. Using the checkbox in the column edit list (see example below). Tips on how to analyze parameters. In general, it can be assumed that a publisher’s site. Is more valuable if the indicator is higher.

Websites with an in / Out

Domain setting of less than 5 or a ratio of subpages/outbound domains. Of less than 10 are most likely to publish mainly sponsored articles. And may Malaysia Phone Number consider spam. However, there are exceptions, so the analysis must be supported. By additional indicators, and there are 26 of them. In the whitepress search engine! It is also worth noting a large number. Of connection domains and links (these can be verified by going over the measurements). Suppose a site has 100 inbound domains and 50 outbound domains. And another has 10,000 inbound domains and 5,000 outbound domains. Logically, 2 sites with similar ratios (in this case 2), input/output domain. Will have a different quality depending on the volumes.

Sometimes the Portals

Malaysia Phone Number List

Block ahrefs and then the Malaysia Phone Number number of input/output domains. Can and so the values ​​will not calculate correctly. Expansion in the southern part of europe – italy, greece and spain. We are not slowing down the expansion in international markets. Another 3 countries joined the 12 in which we were present. We are working hard to create a database. Of publishers and copywriters, and the first results are already visible on the platform. Italy – we started with 116 active portals. Including news and lifestyle websites marketers can also order content. From native copywriters in sunny italy through the platform. Greece – the database includes 79 general and specialized portals. Including offers from the largest local publishers.

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