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Studies show that 71% of. Facebook, the leader of the social media market other statistics (also from 2019 and these) indicate the existence of 3.5 billion users on social networks worldwide, a figure equivalent to 45% of the current Romania Phone Number population of the world. And, as you probably guessed, in all this effervescence of social media, facebook is the market leader. Since its launch, mark zuckerberg’s network has shaped the social media landscape, continuing to evolve and attract users. 17 years after the launch of the social network, on february 4, 2021, the sun notes that more than 50% of the world’s population has a downloaded facebook application and approximately 2.7 billion monthly users.

Regarding the Gender

Of users, estimates that 1.19 billion users Romania Phone Number are women and 1.51 billion are men. Other relevant statistical information that supports the influence of facebook includes: about seven in ten american adults (69%) use facebook. Thus, as of 2018, 68% of us adults reported being facebook users; the smallest demographic group on facebook, made up of 4.8% of users, is made up of people over the age of 45; 23.8% of users are between 18 and 24 years old; 82% of users are college graduates; 75% of users have an annual income of more than $ 75,000 (repeat – this data refers to users in the united states); as a volume of “consumers”, most users are from india (more than 270 million).

All the Above Information

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Additionally, to the same idea: by being part Romania Phone Number of the lives of users. Social networks reveal countless opportunities for companies. That want to address their audience. Through various marketing strategies. Using stories on instagram, the second most popular. Traditional social network instagram stories allow entrepreneurs to share important moments. Ideas, offers, promotions and any other aspect of interest for business with the target audience. The number of daily active users on instagram stories has increased since january 2017, from 150 million to 500 million in january 2019. The more engaging the stories, the more attention from the target audience that can be converted into customers.

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