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The rise of content e-commerce has made. Traditiona Belgium Phone Number e-commerce giants alibaba feel a huge threat. So alibaba took the lead in launching taobao toutiao and taobao live. Cooperate in the fields of marketing and content monetization. And help more toutiao we media to realize e-commerce monetization. However, ali is not willing to build. A moat of taobao content. Recently, through the uc within Belgium Phone Number the group, the product promotion function launched on the uc subscription account. And the product resources of taobao. Tmall and alimama have been opened up. And the product information will be generated in the form of cards.

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Content entrepreneurs will Belgium Phone Number receive an industry. Leading 70% transaction commission share. And realize one-click authorization. One-click login, and one-stop shopping experience. In the terminal, trying to create the first dual-service platform for self-media people. 11. In fact, it is not just that e-commerce. Giants such Belgium Phone Number have joined the content e-commerce war. Mogujie announced that it will invest. 300 million yuan to support the incubation and brokerage business of its internet celebrity live. Broadcast artists. And other cross-border e-commerce companies have started their own live broadcast. E-commerce strategies. Many mobile information platforms. Live broadcast platforms, and e-commerce. Platforms have joined the content e-commerce .battle, which will inevitably accelerate the content e-commerce revolution.

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Sales have been around for Belgium Phone Number a long time in fact, content-based product sales such as tv shopping and magazine shopping have been popular for years long before the rise of e-commerce. Today’s content e-commerce just moved tv shopping to live broadcast platforms, and moved magazine shopping to news content Belgium Phone Number platforms such as toutiao, uc toutiao, wechat official account, etc. The essence has not changed, but the media is changing. Tv shopping may not be very good in the impression of chinese people. When many consumers mention tv shopping, they often feel that there is exaggerated publicity. Kind of boredom. However, in the united states, japan and other countries, tv shopping is an important channel for consumers to buy goods.

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