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Here s a site offering 60 million backlinks for $1,475 That s about 40,000 links per dollar! Other common types of negative SEO are Submitting fake link removal requests Leaving fake negative reviews Website hacking and other forms of cyber attacks Does negative SEO work? Google s official stance on this as of 2021 is clearly no , and has been for many years. John Mueller, a search advocate at Google, calls negative SEO a kind of meme these days I don t think the negative SEO meme will ever go away. It s tempting to assume that someone else is causing the problems, and yes, sometimes people have lots of money, time, and bad ideas. Time will tell and I m pretty confident it will go well. Gary Illyes, another.

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Google employee, has made similar Colombia Phone Number statements [I ve] looked at hundreds of alleged cases of negative SEO, but none of them were actually the reason a website s traffic dropped. While it s easier to blame negative SEO, the culprit for a drop in traffic is usually something else you don t know about — maybe an algorithm update or a problem with the site. Gary Illyes Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst Google But many. SEO experts will tell you that taking Google s words at face value isn t always the best idea. We tell you what we think Negative SEO can still work, but it s a lot less of an issue than it used to be. I know that s a bold statement, so let me explain why we believe that. 1. Google now penalizes link spam instead of penalizing websites.

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Penguin is the part of Google s core algorithm designed to catch link spam. Before 2016 it worked like this Penguin detects an influx of spam links to a website. The website is downgraded in organic search results i.e. ranking and traffic loss . But then Google released Penguin 4.0. Instead of demoting entire websites, Google now demotes or at least tries to demote link spam. Here Gary Illyes explains the difference between devaluation and demotion Demote as in “adjust a page s ranking”. Depreciate along the lines of, “Oh look, some crap is coming this site. Let s make sure that doesn t affect the ranking. In short Google tries to recognize and ignore low-quality links so that they don t affect your ranking.

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