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I recommend asking a colleague or friend for feedback. We do that with all of our content. I give Sam feedback on his video scripts, he gives me feedback on my blog posts, and I give feedback to our other writers. Here is an example from this post Don’t get me wrong, this can be a bit nerve wracking at times, but it will certainly lead to better content. Publish Finally — the easy part. Format, edit and upload your content for your chosen channel and you’re good to go. However, there are often more individual steps to this process than you can imagine. That brings me t. How to scale content creation? All of the above is enough to get your content creation going. But you can’t do everything alone. If you really want to scale content creation, you’re going to need to involve other people and systematize your processes.

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In this section, we present five options based Panama phone number on our experience Assign an owner for each channel Break down the content creation process into smaller tasks Create SOPs Hire competent copywriters Use a content calendar Reuse your content across multiple channels Assign an owner for each channel Creating and managing content for all marketing channels is an impossible task for one person. You have to delegate these tasks. That’s how we do it at Ahrefs. We create content for two main channels the blog and YouTube. I’m in charge of the blog and Sam is in charge of YouTube. Here are a few important tasks for every channel owner Plan and coordinate content. What will be published and when? What tasks need to be completed before we can go online with the content? Hire a content writer.

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In order to scale the content, we need to hire more copywriters. This can be bloggers, video copywriters or other people. In any case, someone has to seek out and select these people. By the way we are currently looking Create content and style guidelines. Everyone needs to be on the same page if you want to scale your brand and maintain a consistent brand language. Content guidelines help with this. We’re still working on ours. Of course, it’s possible to make one person responsible for multiple channels, but that’s rarely efficient. If you divide people too much, they will only produce a lot of mediocre content for many channels instead of exceptional content for one channel. Break down the content creation process into smaller tasks There is a lot to consider when creating content.

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