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And study sessions full of know-how. We are implementing efforts for smooth in-house production. Such as monthly reports, delivery of model composition. Plans and writing manuscripts. Have you ever seen “frequently asked questions” appearing in Afghanistan Phone Number List search results. When searching the internet? By structuring the faq and displaying it in the search results. Usability can be improved and the number of inflows to the site can expect to increase. Here, we will explain how to use structured data. Markup in the faq, its merits, and points to note.

By Correctly Embedding

Faq-style structured data in the Afghanistan Phone Number List html of the target page. “frequently ask questions” will display as a rich result in google search results. Faq-ex for more information on rich results, see “what is a rich result? A wide range of explanations from overview to types and usage .” benefits of faq structured data markup what are the benefits of seeing the “frequently asked questions” rich results in the search results? Users can collect information quickly when faq rich results are displayed in search results, users can quickly get the information and questions they want to know. It leads to usability improvement because you can reach the information you want to know from.

The Search Results

Afghanistan Phone Number List

Without browsing multiple sites and blogs. You can appeal Afghanistan Phone Number List the difference you can appeal your company’s advantages to potential customers by displaying questions about differences from other companies’ products and questions about differences from existing products in the faq. Depending on the content of the question, it can be a sales talk. Faq structured data markup precautions faq structured data here are two things to keep in mind before doing markup. The first is that the number of inflows to the site may decrease . If the answers to the faq questions complete the information that the user wanted to know, you may have less chance to open the site.

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