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Account entered the we media market. Even less than half a year ago. And it broke through 30,000 we media entries. At the same time, the daily Indian Phone Number active users of uc toutiao. And toutiao have exceeded 40 million, which has a great. Advantage of traffic entrance. Therefore, from the perspective of resources. Such as strategy, e-commerce, traffic, and self-media. Toutiao +uc + ali have become the vanguard. Of mobile Indian Phone Number information content e-commerce, even because. They have a higher degree of openness. Than wechat official accounts. , they are likely to overtake micro-businesses. In the field of content e-commerce in the future. Mobile live broadcast market: giants, vertical e-commerce.

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Platforms usher in a melee when taobao live was officially. Launched in may this year, there were already more than 1,000 sellers. Doing live Indian Phone Number broadcasts on taobao, with nearly 500 live broadcasts every day, and more than 10 million. Users watched the live broadcast content. Trendy rides, food, sports Indian Phone Number fitness and other categories. And the vertical and cross-border e-commerce platforms we mentioned earlier, such as mogujie, miya baby. Polomi, and netease koala, have also launched their own live broadcast e-commerce platforms. At the same time, more and more anchors. And enterprises have begun to sell their e-commerce. Products through mobile live broadcast platforms.

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A live broadcast market where Indian Phone Number integrated. E-commerce giants, vertical e-commerce, and live broadcast platforms are fighting each other, the industry. Has begun to usher in three major trends in the future. Trend 1: live streaming will become an indispensable. Infrastructure for e-commerce platforms it can Indian Phone Number be seen from e-commerce platforms that have launched. Live broadcasts and live broadcast platforms have launched e-commerce live broadcasts. One after another, e-commerce live broadcasts are becoming the norm. In addition to taobao, mogujie. Netease koala and other platforms launching live broadcasts. It is not ruled out that e-commerce platforms such as will also launch. Their own live broadcast channels in the future.

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