It Is Recommended That You Purchase Your Domain

Name carefully so that your business exists on the internet. The location from which the domain name is purchased is at the choice of the contractor, so the costs can vary quite a bit; hosting – cost 12 – 4000 euros. Another key aspect and a factor worth Belarus Phone Number considering when calculating the total cost of an online store is hosting or hosting. This allows the site to exist on the internet. There is a possibility for company representatives. To choose from dozens of hosting service providers, the price varying depending on the type of hosting chosen: shared hosting.

Which Is the Option

Of hosting a site on a server along Belarus Phone Number with other websites. This option costs less because the same server is shared with other companies. But it also means that the site has fewer resources, less processing power, disk space or memory; dedicated hosting – which is the option of hosting a website on a single dedicated website server, an option that is more expensive and requires more extensive technical knowledge. Ecommerce functionality and integrations – cost 600-5000 euros. The cost of an e-commerce site includes the cost of turning a website into an online store. Those who already own a site need a feature called ecommerce to complete it, which involves additional costs.

There Are Shopify Sites

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That offer eCommerce functionality, without Belarus Phone Number applicants having to pay extra to add ecommerce functionality to the site. There are also sites that offer plugins designed to turn regular sites into functional online stores. Often in exchange for a monthly fee. Payment processing software – variable cost. Although not a start-up cost, payment processing is an expense that should include in your planning. There are different platforms that offer different processing options, each at its own expense. In this case, the payment made to the developer should includ, because these services not very cheap and the integrations not simple; content writing – cost 6-100 euros per page. Another very important cost that must consider in building an ecommerce site.

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