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This way you show that you have done your homework and that your proposal is not just based on chattels in the air . Step 3. Create a roadmap Assuming your boss is confident in your solid pitch and research, the next thing he will want to know is how you plan to get from A to Z. It’s easy to get bogged down in SEO jargon here, so try to focus on the big picture. For example, suppose you search your site using Ahrefs Site Audit and find some technical SEO issues . Don’t give your boss a 30 minute lecture about how your site’s faceted navigation causes duplicate.

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In this case, that could mean showing him how Luxembourg phone number bad the health score is compared to your competitors. You just want to communicate two things What you will do and why keep it short What resources you will need Resources include employees, freelancers, tools — everything you need to implement your action plan. If you need to hire new employees or freelancers, you should also think about and explain who will be managing and training these people. You should show your boss that you have thought it through and that you have everything under control and that your plan is realistic. Step 4. Name numbers No boss will give the green light to a project that is.

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It’s easy with SEO tools and software, as most of them advertise their prices publicly. Simply select a suitable tariff. For employees and freelancers, you can google average salaries or see average hourly rates on freelancer websites. UpWork has some good data on this The final table could look like this While that’s a good start, it doesn’t tell your boss anything about the ROI that matters. Unfortunately, this is harder to calculate than it sounds, as your SEO efforts will continue to bear fruit long after the first project is over. For this reason, it makes more sense to create a break even chart. This shows how long it takes for the investment in SEO to pay off. For example, let’s say the estimated cost of your project is $5,127 per month.


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