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Therefore, this production, marketing, channels¬† Cambodia Phone Number and profit models have all changed. Which means that traditional consumption theories and experiences have all failed. Therefore, this round of economic crisis is actually a major social reshuffle. China must eliminate those backward and extensive production-oriented Cambodia Phone Number enterprises. What these traditional enterprises encounter is not winter, but a desperate situation! New economy, new atmosphere china will also enter an era of “new planned economy. That is: all production will carried out according to consumer demand. And every product in the future will know. Who its consumers before it produced, and know that the standard of this product how.

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Manufacturers is no longer about price, but about Cambodia Phone Number who can meet the needs. Of consumers first and fulfill the accuracy of consumer demand. At this time, there will no inventory and no vicious competition, the industry further segmented, and new supply relationships formed. Why is it called the “new Cambodia Phone Number planned economy” era? Because the “traditional planned economy” is the state’s macro adjustment, while the “new planned economy” is the consumer’s macro adjustment, just like another invisible hand. In other words: in the future, “consumers” decide production, not “producers” (including factory owners, designers, etc.) decide production. Although the saying “customer god” has been popular in the world for nearly 200 years, it only now truly realized.

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Begun to take orders before Cambodia Phone Number production. Xiaomi mobile phones, hammer mobile phones, various pre-sale, crowdfunding and other models are all based on this logic. This has two advantages: before each product produced. It known who its consumers and it also customized production, and the product Cambodia Phone Number will better meet the needs of consumers; all products made to order so that there will be no more stock in the future. Therefore, the first-class enterprises do the standard, this sentence will no longer hold. In the future, there is only one standard for all products: whether this product meets the needs of the consumer to which it belongs! In the future, all “social wealth” will driven by consumption, and china is entering the stage of “production on demand”.

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