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Fashion and beauty brands, in particular, are very savvy about recruiting their followers to serve as brand advocates. Take urban outfitters. Their customers show off their style on their own platforms using hashtags like uohome and uobeauty. Urban outfitters then curates the posts and pulls the ones they like onto a shoppable. Web page where customers can see how people. Are wearing and using various products. 

Would you be more likely to purchase from a sterile image like this, which is on urban outfitter’s website. Urban outfitters hashtag competition or from this post, which. Appears on urban outfitter’s shoppable community page. Urban outfitters 2 hashtag competition remember, your social. Media channels are not just a place for your brand to grandstand. About its products or services, they’re a place to build an. Engaged community. By showcasing users’ content on your website and social. Channels, you let your users tell. Their stories about their experiences with your brand.

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This is invaluable. There are even tools that will allow you to set up a feed that shows off all the content you’ve collected (which you should moderate, of course), similar to what urban outfitters has done. Wrapping up hashtag competitions and user-generated content are influencing buyers of all ages and walks of life. In fact, a staggering 84% of Ecuador phone number millennials reported that ugc on company websites definitely holds sway and influence over what they buy (and how often). What’s more, 43% of people are more inclined to purchase a new product if they learn about it via friends and family or on social media channels. 

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Are you likely to try a hashtag competition to gain exposure for your brand now? Do you want to know how shortstack help you leverage instagram and twitter? Just ask! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Guest author: dana kilroy is the communications director at shortstack.T is not until you leap into a plane and fly half way around the world to distant places that you start to realize the size and scope of the planet we inhabit.35 mind numbing youtube facts, figures and statistics – infographic recently the earth’s population pass the 7 billion mark and over 2 billion of those are connect to the internet and more than 5 billion have a mobile phone. 

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When you start connecting that many people with global social networks such as facebook (with over  900 million users), then opportunities and access to markets that were local become  global. Markets for business that were measured in thousands and millions suddenly scale to billions. It is not only the size that expands but the velocity of the market accelerates as information is transferred and shared at light speed on optic fibre and wireless networks. Social media guide free download the ultimate guide to social media marketing for business first name * email * download now social media is unlocking opportunities I recently finished reading an insightful book by susan cain. The book titled “quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking“, highlighted for me the power of the social web to provide everyone with a voice.

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