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Wicked problems Behavior is broad, so there are endless possible themes where behavioral insights are relevant. Especially with complex, major issues – so-called wicked problems – where behavior is central, these insights can help to better USA WhatsApp Number List understand why the desired behavior is not forthcoming. You can then use nudging and gamification in a targeted manner when designing powerful solutions that bring about measurable behavioral change.In this article, I’ll take you into the wonderful world of feed marketing and learn how to make a data feed work.

Complete Product Information

What are the rules of thumb for a good data feed and how do you use them as optimally as possible? In addition, I share six smart take-aways for creating relevant campaigns with a complete feed and a feed management system. What is a data feed? First back to the basics: a data feed or product feed is an export file of the product database of your webshop. This often concerns an .xml file containing all information about the products that you offer to your customers via your website. Think of specific product information such as price, shipping costs, weight and stock.

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Use a Feed Management Tool

When you export the data feed from your websitein many cases you will find that it is far from optimize. Not ideal, since you want to advertise as relevant as possible. However, you can tackle this problem in advance. 5 rules of thumb for a good data feed A good and complete data feed is important and will bring you great benefits. With a well-optimized feed, you can show your product range to your target audience in various relevant and creative ways. Other advantages of such a data feed are: You can offer your products more relevant to your target audience. Which often results in a higher click-through rate (CTR) and a higher conversion.

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