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Possession of your new mobile phone to ensure that future personal close encounters are engaging and pleasant? Another interpretation of those statistic is that toothbrushes are too expensive. Social media guide free download the ultimate guide to social media marketing for. Business first name * email * download now the importance of statistics statistics are used to make important decisions and social media statistics.

The social media landscape changes rapidly and keeping up with the latest numbers. Is an essential part of continuing to make your marketing relevant and focused. Here are the latest facts, figures and statistics for seven major social networks that marketers need to take notice of. I have also embedded an infographic for each social media network. Facebook facebook continues to innovate and evolve and the the last 12 months have seen the new. Timeline introduced to personal profiles and brand pages as well as the purchase of instagram, the  mobile photo app platform, which has never made any money and has only 13 employees for a generous price of $1 billion.

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 This underlines two key elements that  emerging as pivotal to the continuing evolution of the social web. Mobile Visual engagement These two factors will continue to wield sizable impact and disruption to social networks and business marketing. So what other numbers are important to take notice of when it comes to Facebook? Some more Facebook Facts Russia phone number  and Figures Monthly active users now total nearly 850 million 250 million photos are uploaded every day 20% of all page views on the web are on Facebook 425 million mobile users 100 billion connections Zygna’s games revenue is currently 12% 

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Of Facebook’s total income 2.7 billion “likes” per day 57% of users are female Facebook facts figures and statistics 2012 Source: Twitter Twitter is still the enigma of the social networking fraternity with its usefulness questioned by a lot of people. Its simplicity is still its main attraction along with its immediacy in breaking  news about the latest  “events”. Research shows that the main reason people retweet is due to interesting content. As it approaches its sixth birthday its revenue is slowly climbing with projections that in 2012 its income will  hit $260 million. 

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Some facts and figures to note about twitter are: there are over. Brazil 33 million and japan at nearly 30 million busiest event in. Twitter’s history is now “castle in the sky” tv screening 25.088 tweets per second (previous record was the last minutes of the 2012 superbowl with 10.245 tweets per second). Twitter facts figures and statistics 2012 infographic source: infographic labs linkedin linkedin started in 2003 as. A professional business social network and as of february 2012. Has over 150 million members according to the official press release from linkedin. More facts and figures: 2 new members join every second usa leads membership at more

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