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Marketing is all about getting into the shoes of someone who is already in favor of a product or service. According to the experiential marketing rule. Dissidents have to get into the shoes of advocates just for the sake of awareness. Try launching an offline event as part of your marketing strategy. And invite an advocate on the proviso that they have to bring a dissident from within their circle. Why? Because it’s much more likely that dissidents will attend the event on the. Recommendation of a friend and acquaintance than simply attending alone.

Make sure that your experiential stunt is based on the key factors below. This will actually lead dissidents towards your brand. Experiential marketing done right can be a highly effective community building, niche awareness and content repurposing tactic. Next, try connecting your offline event with the online world. There are many ways through which you can promote your event online and social media will play a vital role in doing so.  Did you know that 81% of audiences watched more live videos in 2016 as compared to 2015? Broadcast your event or experiential stunt using live streaming apps to let people know about your awareness campaign. Periscope is a great and unique way to broadcast your event to mobile users. 

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The good thing about periscope is that it will automatically share your post on your twitter account as well. Additionally, viewers can invite their circles to view your content as well. Other than periscope, there are multiple other live streaming platforms in which you can promote your event-based content. Just don’t forget that facebook and twitter Nigeria phone number  are the top-ranking social media platforms therefore deserve a lot of your attention. Wrapping up when you’re working in a hotly debated industry, your marketing moves matter a lot more because you are trying to appeal to two different crowds.

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Whatever you do, your content will either impress or disappoint people, so make sure your strategies are versatile and dynamic. Always build awareness with your audience before trying to convert them over to your controversial niche, and tailor your strategies for different social media platforms. In short, your brand awareness model should be based on new prospects’ introduction, traffic, and increasing favorability. Image source: turn ultimately, focus more on building awareness instead of just publishing links on different websites, regardless of their relevance. 

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Once you succeed with building awareness, other decision-making phases will become much more convenient, effective and efficient. Guest author: abbas rajani is an inbound and seo strategist at pac and copy plus, a florida based digital marketing agency. He assists b2b and b2c businesses with roi growth and effective online presence, and works for a custom logo design company called pnc logos. Follow himas_rajani for more online marketing-related updates was having a coffee with my good friend and fellow entrepreneur alex pirouz… alex is the founder of linkfluencer, the world’s leading online linkedin training company as recognized by inc magazine. As usual we started chatting about linkedin. What we discovered is that when we talk to people who aren’t really active on it, both he and I always seem to get the same response… “linkedin?!

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