Able to Prioritize and Manage Your Time Effectively

You’re a multitasker confident. If you bring the prior experience of digital marketing agency it’s a definite positive but not essential, languages: german (fluent, native language), english (upper-intermediate), knowledge of e-commerce market and online technologies would be an advantage. Ability to conduct effective sales communication (telephone, e-mail, social media – linkedin) at all levels of the organization. Both operational staff, managers and business owners. Independence, assertiveness. What we offer Netherlands Phone Number room for personal and professional development. Motivated and agile international team with a common vision. Competitive salary + performance-related bonus. Work in a positive atmosphere with a highly motivated. Energized international team with a good track level of success. In the online marketing business.

Job Type: Permanent

Both white press and rtb house Netherlands Phone Number have strong core products, but are still focused on innovation in their areas of well as tracking the results of marketing campaigns. The company is a leader in automating content marketing, making the process of publishing articles easier, faster and more cost effective. The whitepress platform facilitates access to new markets internationally and helps publications through continuous expansion. Likewise, service and product ecosystem is used by thousands of customers and is based on a portfolio of over 21,000 publications from 12 countries. We immediately saw how rtb house could help our ambitions, as we share a common approach. Both companies are looking for ways to push the boundaries.

We Could See That Both

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Likewise, companies want to grow Netherlands Phone Number more and the union of these forces sends a strong message. Pawel Tarkowski, founder and ceo of white press innovations that offer customers a wider range of services rtb house has established itself as a leader in martech innovation, especially as the first company with retargeting algorithms to operate 100% on “deep learning” technology. More recently, the company has focused on diversifying its product portfolio and making it easier for advertisers to reach new and existing customers at any stage of the sales process. Whitepress is also looking beyond its core offering for ways to add value to its customers. The company also manages the goodcontent platform and will soon launch a new service – premium content.

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