Pre-Sales and Test Sales Cayman Islands Phone Number

Pre-sales and test sales the Cayman Islands Phone Number and then “consumption”, but now it is “consumption” and then “production”. The lack of real-time connection between various links in the traditional supply chain leads. To the failure of timely feedback of product information. Resulting in problems such as insufficient Cayman Islands Phone Number inventory of hot-selling products and backlog of slow-moving products. The current supply chain is “retrograde”, that is to say, consumers first express their needs on the platform, and then the platform places orders to manufacturers, and manufacturers organize suppliers to produce and manufacture, so the products produced are very easy accepted by everyone.

Test Marketing of Products Cayman Islands Phone Number

Therefore, is also a good means. You can choose Cayman Islands Phone Number to conduct test marketing on the e-commerce platform. If the feedback from the test marketing is very successful, ok, and start mass production Cayman Islands Phone Number immediately. Through consumption feedback, we can accurately calculate the market demand, and then place an order for your downstream supply chain. At this time, you basically do not invest much, which is the so-called “asset-light” model. No one has to put money on a certain link first. When the product enters the periodic operation, then do the operation planning and enter the normalization, so a new brand is born.

Moving from a Cayman Islands Phone Number

Cayman Islands Phone Number List
Cayman Islands phone number

Large-order model to small-order Cayman Islands Phone Number production is the key to a company’s success in the future. New retail, new business traditional retail is more complicated, including: direct sales, franchise, and online, which belong to mixed channels. To completely solve the problem of retail, it is necessary to achieve the integration Cayman Islands Phone Number of three stores, the same price and the same price, and to eliminate layers of wholesale, which is different from different channels. Price issue. In the future, the retail should be based on the needs of consumers, the manufacturer will coordinate the supplier to produce the product, and set the retail price uniformly.

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