French Portals Now Available to Marketers

The author sees the score and receives advice on how to improve the information entered (more on this). Each profile also verifi by a whitepress account manager. Additionally, business cards containing false or negligently complete information reject. Copywriters can make their profile and offer more attractive if they agree to sign a copyright India Phone Number agreement on the written content to the client who ordered it. This item is wanted by marketers and will allow access to more attractive orders. The contract is generated automatically, but in accordance with the law it must be printed and sent by post or with an authorized electronic signature.

Copywriting Agencies and Publishers

Additionally, also benefit from the platform. The platform India Phone Number can use by freelancers who have their own business. Journalists or copywriters (who do not have a business). As well as by copywriting agencies and multi-author publishers. Entities representing multiple copywriters, content writers. Journalists can add multiple copywriter profiles to a single account. Each copywriter has their own business card. Receives and executes their own orders in the account. Bonus for copywriters – free portfolio site every journalist receives a free business card in the form of a website. Where they can present their professional profile in an attractive way, including: short description/biography of the author.

Education Professional Experience

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Likewise, in content creation India Phone Number portfolio; tariffs for services. Are you a copywriter or content writer? Register now! Registered copywriters kept up. To date with news about content premium and other whitepress® news. They also receive substantial content in the field of writing, getting attractive orders and thus increasing their earnings. Additionally, copywriters already receive interesting orders from customers who use the platform. The process of implementing the new module is still ongoing, but you can already become part of it. Are you an editor, content writer or copywriter and have any suggestions on features? We look forward to hearing from you.

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