Popular Products Appears on the Search Result Screen

When you search for a specific keyword. That includes the intention of purchasing a product. The “popular products” frame that displays related items together on the search result screen is now displayed. Originally, users had to compare Japan Phone Number List various product pages for each store or brand, but now that a list of “popular products” is displayed, users can browse items from many different stores and brands at once. It is now possible. Table of contents if you have any concerns or inquiries regarding digital marketing, please contact us from here. “popular products” display frame added to search results when a user searches for a keyword that includes the intention of purchasing a product.

Items Related to the Keyword

Are now displayed as a list on the Japan Phone Number List search result screen in the “popular product” frame. Google announced that the rollout will start from january 15, 2020 in the united states, but in japan, from around december 2021, you can see the display of “popular products” on the search result screen with various keywords. It came to be able to. Display of “popular products” frame if you actually search for the keyword “down jacket”, you will see various down jackets regardless of brand. Tap “more” to see more items. Tap “more” for popular products. There is a “shopping advertisement” that is similar to the display. Of popular products, but while the display of popular products is free. Shopping advertisements are advertisements that incur posting. Costs depend on the click, and the search results of image search.

There Are Differences

Japan Phone Number List

Such as being displayed on the screen. You can check Japan Phone Number List the details by tapping the item displayed in the frame of popular products. For more information, you’ll find our online stores, similar items, style tips and more. Tap product details from popular products. Since it is possible to transition from the details. Of the item to the ec site where the item is actually sold and purchase it. It can be said that the user can search for the item. He wants and perform a series of operations until purchase quite smoothly. Currently, in japan, you can only narrow down by price, but in the united states, you can also narrow down by gender or size. Also, at the time of rollout in the united states, it was limited to apparel-related items. But now cosmetics and furniture are also subject to popular product labeling.

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