The Point Is to Calculate the Number of Sessions

Withdrawal rate the percentage of users. Who visit your website who visit the last page of the session after browsing other pages. Counts the last page the user view before leaving. The bounce rate calculate based on the number of sessions. But the point is that the exit rate calculate based on the number of page views. Staying time staying time it’s a Hong Kong Phone Number List indicator of how long you’ve been looking at a website or its page. The length of stay is calculate as the time you started browsing the next page-the time. You were viewing the page you were looking at. In the case of Google analytics, the page that left the page does not know. The browsing start time, and the staying time cannot measure.

The Staying Time Is Counte

In addition, as 0 seconds for Hong Kong Phone Number List the bounced page . For beginners, the details of google analytics explain on the following pages. Please check it out. Reference article: explanation from confirmation points of google analytics to initial settings [for beginners] typically, long stay time a page where the content is carefully browsed and the user’s interest level is high (a page with a good response) short stay time pages with low content and low user interest (pages that need repair) however, it is not always the case, so be careful. As mentioned above, exit pages will counte as 0 seconds. For example, a landing page that contains content that is highly satisfying to the user on one page tends to have a shorter stay time.

Media Sites Whose Purpose

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Conversely, is to read articles tend to stay longer. The important Hong Kong Phone Number List thing here is not to judge by looking at the numerical values ​​in fragments. But, to analyze the data relatively by multiplying it with other data . Session time a measure of how long it takes a user to visit. A website to leave the site. In other words, it is the time until one session expires. The session time calculate as the time of the last viewed page-the time of the first start of browsing. In the case of google analytics, the session time is the same as the stay time.

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