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Vine Although Vine is owned by Twitter, you can still share your content from the site to other social networks. In fact, the platform just recently announced a new share screen that contains. A handful of updates to their sharing functionality, like the ability to send Vines directly to Tumblr. 7. Text updates You don’t always need to share photos, videos or links with your audience. Sometimes regular text updates will yield better engagement. One example of a brand with great text updates is Denny’s Diner. The brand often garners incredible engagement on posts that are strictly text.

Waffles have the cuuuuutest dimples — Denny’s (DennysDiner) May 27, 2015 Tip: Follow Denny’s on Twitter, their posts are hilarious. Source your content online Creating content is great, but sometimes finding content is better for speed. Here are the sites that you can visit to find popular, thought-provoking content to share with your social following. 8. Pinterest Pinterest allows you to follow content hubs curated by individuals or brands called ‘Boards’.  And Pinterest shows you a feed of all the content they create. 

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You can then share these posts right to your social networks. Sproutsocial screenshot for social media content 2 9. YouTube We all know what YouTube is. But did you know 300 hours of video get uploaded to the site every minute? With all of that Indonesia phone number content readily available, you’re bound to find a video relevant to your audience that you can share. 10. Feedly Feedly allows you to subscribe to some of your favorite blogs and streams all the new posts into your inbox. You can also integrate your Feedly account into social tools like Sprout Social which then makes it easy to share the articles you enjoy. 11. 

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Buzzsumo Buzzsumo is a tool that allows you to search for the most socially shared content by topic or domain name. This gives you access to the content you already know people enjoy. Someone looking for topics similar to this post could search “content curation” to find other pieces. BuzzSumo screenshot for social media content 12. is essentially a social network for content curation. You create a profile, follow the people and topics that you find interesting and your feed fills up with interesting content. Then you can easily schedule that content to post across all of your social networks. 13.

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 It sources articles from thousands of places and uses a proprietary algorithm to adapt the content it recommends you to fit personal preferences. You can then share the recommended posts to your social networks. Follow content submission sites Some sites out there rely on marketers to submit their favorite posts, articles and news for their content. That makes these sites a great resource to find some of the newest, most insightful articles to share with your followers. 14. Inbound is an online marketing community of around 65,000 marketers that come from all around the world to

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