The Larger Players Are Already

Suppose someone does a search on Google. He or she clicks on an ad and ends up on your landing page. There is content on the subject, but also some conversion points, including the telephone number. The visitor sees the telephone number, then calls the number, and is properly assisted on the telephone. Conversion within you would say, but this Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List conversion is not registered in your measurement system (perhaps Google Analytics ), because there is simply no conversion to register if you purely look at the action on the website. With call tracking you are able to measure this conversion.

Players Are Already

Enter Javascript for call tracking How does call tracking work? It sounds more difficult than it actually is. By entering a piece of code (Javascript), call tracking can be applied literally in a few minutes. You choose a provider of call tracking and then you place the code on the page. On which you want to apply call tracking. As soon as the code has been placed and any configuration via. The provider’s system has been completed, call tracking will work. As soon as a visitor comes from, for example, Google Ads , the code recognizes the source from which the visitor comes.

Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List

Making Good Progress

But the visitor does not see the actual number of your company on the website, only a so-called forwarding number. This number loads dynamically so that each session shows a unique number that is automatically forwarde to the actual number of your company. This is the way that provides insight into how the visitor came to the website. So it gives an excellent picture of the amount of telephone conversions that are achieved, thanks to your marketing efforts. In addition, these marketing expenses provide a better picture of what you pay for a (telephone) conversion.

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