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Conversion rate. And with that being said. The next steps involve improving both with the help of tools. First of all. You can’t build authority without a little bit of content marketing. Remember. The social community will judge your brand’s image by the content you publish. If you share authoritative content. Then they’ll have a more positive perception of your brand. But rather than tediously looking for popular content to share. A more efficient strategy is to automate content curation with the help of three tools: feedly. Buffer. And ifttt. In a nutshell. Feedly lets you curate content ideas. Buffer can be used to schedule social media posts. And ifttt can link both services together via applets.

A quick word about using buffer: make sure you create a posting schedule based on the most active times of your audience. Whenever you add new content to your queue. It will automatically be assigned in the next upcoming slot. For the automation part. Here’s what the specific ifttt applet you need looks like: don’t worry – all three tools can be used for free. Once you have created accounts on each and activated the ifttt applet. Then your content curation activities on social media should be like clockwork. Another way to use automation to boost your social media presence is through narrow.

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 It works by automatically following users on twitter who post about specific keywords, which could indicate a purchase intent. In turn, this will encourage them to follow you back or, at the very least, give your account a quick glance. If all goes well, you Ivory Coast phone number may start receiving messages from other brands that request you to do reviews or simply upload posts about one of their products. Just be sure to embrace your niche and keep up your content curation game. Step 3 – look for products to sell now that you’ve already identified your niche and established your social media presence, it should be a lot easier to look for products you can sell. 

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If you’re already running a brick-and-mortar, small business, then feel free to skip this step. But if not, or if you’re open to branching out to more product types, then a cost-effective strategy you can consider would be affiliate marketing. Here is a quick rundown of its benefits: little to no overhead – unlike traditional businesses or fully-fledged online stores, selling an affiliate product requires very little overhead costs. 

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Easy to do – being an affiliate marketer can be as easy as sharing an affiliate link on instagram. There’s no need to worry about technical things like logistics, inventory management, and shipping. Scalable – once you’ve found a profitable product opportunity, you can focus on scaling your online presence by building a blog, launching ad campaigns, and so on. Easy to monitor – every affiliate marketing platform provides their sellers with adequate tracking capabilities, allowing them to monitor metrics such as click-throughs, conversion rates, and so on. The amazon associates program is a popular starting point for social media users who aspire to be affiliate marketers. Not only does it cover

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