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After finding an affiliate product to sell, it’s time to start doing what you do best – publishing social media content. There’s no specific rule for this, but using images would definitely get attention from your audience. When it comes to your affiliate links, the most straightforward approach is to include them in the description: when sharing promotional content. Don’t forget to comply with the platform’s regulations, if any. For instance, while facebook allows affiliate links to be shared or embedded inside posts. You need to make sure it doesn’t violate

One of their advertising policies and community guidelines. Another way to sell products on social media is via drop shipping, which is an order fulfillment strategy. Where you don’t have to be in possession of your products to receive orders and payments. It doesn’t require a huge investment, eliminates the complexity of inventory management. And allows you to enter just about any market you’re interested in. A good first step is to scan yellow pages or online directories for drop-ship suppliers near you. You can start with a website like saleshoo, which is a trusted directory with over 8,000 suppliers and 2.5 million products.

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Once you find your drop-shippable products, you can enlist them in marketplaces like amazon, ebay, and bonanza. Of course, you can also sell them Israel phone number on a self-hosted ecommerce site, which will be discussed in the latter parts of this guide. To avoid any complications with customers, make sure you disclose the details of your supplier, especially their location. Doing so will give customers realistic expectations when it comes to delivery times.

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Just remember that as simple as drop shipping sounds, it can be quite tedious.  Returned items will also be considerably more complicated than if you have total control of your operations. Step 4 – allow purchases within networks as your brand’s social media presence proliferates, it only makes sense for you to prioritize the convenience and experience of your loyal followers. That’s why the next step involves making purchases possible within the social network itself. 

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In recent years, major social networks have integrated online shopping capabilities in their platforms. Facebook, for example, allows business pages to feature “shop now” buttons, which may contain affiliate links, a link to a drop-shipped product, or a url to an external ecommerce store. At this point, you should now be capable of creating a profitable business that runs entirely on social media. But you still have a long way to go before you get to the big leagues. Step 5 – create an official online store if you truly want to attain online success, then creating a self-sustaining selling channel on social media should not be your end goal. You need to officially instate your brand as an ecommerce company that the online community recognizes and trusts. The good news is, setting up a professional-looking online store is now easy – thanks to platforms like bigcommerce that smoothen out the learning

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