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Referring sites, thereby increasing their web traffic and advertising revenue. Spam bots can riddle your reports with inaccurate data, causing you to make decisions based on faulty information. To ensure accuracy in your reporting, it’s crucial that you take steps to prevent spam bot hits from appearing in your reports. The simplest way to do this is to let google take care of it for you, but again, this doesn’t happen automatically. You have to enable automatic spam bot filtering. From your google analytics dashboard, click ‘admin’. Click ‘view settings’, which is located in the ‘view’ column. 

Scroll down the page until you see the ‘bot filtering’ header. Click the checkbox next to ‘exclude all hits from known bots and spiders’. Save your changes. This won’t prevent 100% of spam bot data because it does take google some time to recognize and block new spammers. But it will prevent the majority of it from hitting your site. Allowing you to make decisions based on more accurate data. 4. Set up goals site traffic and social shares are important metrics in content marketing. But what senior leaders really want to know is how their investment in content marketing is helping the company meet its goals.

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An easy way to collect and provide that information is by setting up goals in google analytics. Google analytics goals can track many different types of visitor behaviors, but the simplest place to get started with goals is for actions that lead to a specific Kazakhstan phone number destination page. Destination goals are triggered when a user lands on a specific page, such as a ‘thank you’ page that appears after a purchase is completed. To track and report on these actions, you must first define and set up your goals: from the google analytics dashboard, click the ‘admin’ tab. Click ‘goals’, which is located in the ‘view’ column. 

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Click the ‘+ new goal’ button. Select the ‘custom’ radio button and click ‘continue’. Give your goal a descriptive name, select the ‘destination’ goal type, and click ‘continue’. Enter the destination url of the specific ‘thank you’ or other page you wish to track, and click ‘save’. This is the most basic goal you can create, but it will track every single instance of a visitor landing on a page that only appears after the user completes the desired action. Once you get the hang of google analytic goals, you can refine them to track much more detail: for purchase-based goals, 

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You can assign a monetary value to the goal completion. Allowing you to populate a specific amount of revenue generated by content marketing. You can also specify a funnel – aka a specific sequence of pages a user must follow – in order for an action to trigger a goal completion. Other available goals track interactions like playing a video. Engaging with a chatbot. Viewing a specific number of pages per session. Or spending a specific amount of time on a single piece of content. If. After trying out a simple destination goal. You want to explore the functionality further. Google provides very detailed documentation on all of the different options and capabilities.

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