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Your game your rules. The full sentence is not just about rules. Petyr “littlefinger” baelish says. “ you know what i learned by losing that duel? I learned that i will never win – not like that. This is your game. Your rules .” are you looking to enter an established market that is home to some of your top competitors? You can’t just do the same thing as your competitors. “play their games by their rules” and expect to win. What you should do is look for inefficiencies in the market that you want to exploit. Littlefinger found the inefficiencies of the ruling elite in westeros and used that to his victory.when the soldier lacks discipline.

The blame falls on his commander. The lesson here is not just about instilling discipline in the sales reps you manage. The lannister patriarch’s main argument – tywin lannister – must be that the best leaders fall on their swords. Great sales managers and directors know that in wins. Reps must take credit. In losses. They must accept and take the blame .most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it. Tyrion has had to face a harsh truth all his life: of being shunned for being a dwarf. Instead of wallowing in or running away from it.

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and then discovered how to make the best of it regardless Ivory Coast Phone Number of his situation and position in life. Sales directors have to face a lot of hard truths in their day-to-day – maybe they don’t have enough leads . Or they still need to figure out what to do with an underperforming salesperson. Or worse: they won’t hit their targets. . Rather than denying these truths or trying to cover them up. The best managers recognize these truths. And discover what they can learn from them to come up with solutions. You know nothing. He embraced that fact.

Ivory Coast Phone Number

However ,  slips can produce a hunger that can take you to greater heights. The best sales directors and managers are also hungry . Don’t rest on their laurels. And are constantly reminded that we don’t know everything – and sometimes we don’t know anything. A constant desire for knowledge and improvement is what separates the best sales executives. Sometimes not knowing anything is a big plus. Sometimes not knowing anything is a big plus. Jon snow poor jon snow! We are constantly reminded of their naivety and ignorance.

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a sword needs a whetstone there’s a great way to feed that hunger for knowledge and improvement: read a book . There is a wealth of literature on sales management. Managers can learn something new . Or simply refresh old lessons. What is dead may never die here’s a good lesson from theon greyjoy that might be great for your salespeople. Just because an opportunity was missed doesn’t mean they’re dead forever. If there’s no growth. A limited funnel. Or a last-minute rush to hit your monthly goal. Consider running a campaign to revive missed opportunities to hit your sales goals. The mind needs books like

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