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People all over the country celebrate the Malta Phone Number spring festival together. During peak hours, users can send and receive 1 billion messages on wechat in one minute, open 20 million red envelopes, and give the technical team a welcome gift on the first day of the new year. Take a massive technical exam first. Thanks to the countless Malta Phone Number efforts of the technical team, wechat can provide trustworthy services to its 800 million users. The great challenge of socialization after the tribute, i want to talk about the challenge. This challenge is not a product, technology, or commercialization challenge, but a social challenge. Wechat has passed 600 million users, and i feel that i have entered a deep-water area of ​​social impact.

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Difference from the era of 100 million.  Malta Phone Number “the age of veterans” vs “the age of rookies. When there are 100 million users, those are the people who have been tried and tested on the internet. The internet terminology Malta Phone Number can be called “old birds”. They have been using the internet since the pc era. , has a strong ability to distinguish information and self-protection. For “old birds”, excellent internet products can well meet their needs and make their lives feel like a duck to water. However, after wechat developed to 600 million users, the user group began to approach the social complexity of china’s total population.

Elderly Users, Malta Phone Number

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Malta phone number

County users, and rural users, the mobile network Malta Phone Number suddenly opened up a new world for them. Basically, they are “little white rabbits” or “rookies” on the internet. Lacking the baptism of the internet in the pc era. And their Malta Phone Number ability to protect themselves is relatively weak. In the era of pc internet, “old birds” have become accustomed. To the virtual nature of the internet, such as qq cartoon avatars, nicknames, etc., between the virtual and the real, there is a natural sense of distinction in the exercise process. Since the first day of its birth, wechat has been a “real world” based on the mobile phone address book.

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