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To product page design, to the detriment of others – it’s a mistake. Draw attention to the most popular products. If you have a lot of products on the category pages. Make it easier for users to find what they most likely. Want by showing Lithuania Phone Number them a list of the most. Popular (or best-selling) products. Generic searches often have only a general idea behind them. Which makes them very compatible with popular choices. Somewhat in opposition, those who are looking for something less popular. Generally know very well what they are looking for. And rarely fall into categories. Make sure you have an accurate, original.

And Distinct Description

Of each product and. Where appropriate, display ratings Lithuania Phone Number and prices. If a product is a new addition to the collection. Add a label at the top of the image to highlight it. The same goes for promotions or special offers. What about the risks of new content? Beware of cannibalizing your keywords creating or editing category pages is a delicate decision. Which should carefully consider, as it also has its risks. Before choosing the path to follow, it’s a good idea to take a moment. To assess your potential risk of cannibalizing your keywords. Well done this “break” will save you a lot of time and resources in the future. What does keyword cannibalization mean?

This Is the Case Where,

Lithuania Phone Number List

For a particular search, google Lithuania Phone Number indexes and ranks. About two or more pages on the same site. Once upon a time it could be a good thing, because many times in the results. All this was displayed one below the other, substantially increasing the number of visits to the site. For a year or so, however, the number of results from. The same site on a search is limited to a maximum. Of two – and this only in rare cases (or on brand accounts, where the limitation is not so strict). What do two or more pages that rank on the same search mean in practice? This means that either google-only customization elements are known. Or simply random, that search will result.

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