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Pain points and problems of renting bicycles. The rental Macedonia Phone Number bicycle service is very popula. With a large number of users and many. Problems at the same time. Based on the analysis of user needs. And the status quo Macedonia Phone Number of products and services, the current bicycle rental services have the following. Pain points and problems: untitled no car. This is the biggest and most central question. No matter how many cars there are. No car is a problem that will definitely be encountered. Which is mainly reflected in two aspects. First, in many places with less traffic. And more remote locations, the circulation. Of cars is very slow and accidental.

It Is Impossible Macedonia Phone Number

To know when the next car will come back. This problem Macedonia Phone Number can extended to the case where the nearest car is far away from the user. Second, in places and time periods with high traffic. The number of cars is not enough, and only the Macedonia Phone Number first batch of people can satisfied . For example, in the rush hour, the number of people who need to use cars is much more than the number of cars (this is inevitable), then after the current batch of people rides the cars, the people behind will have no cars. When there are few cars, it is easy to cause everyone to make an appointment to grab a car.

This Problem Can Macedonia Phone Number

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Macedonia phone number

Seen in user feedback. This corresponds Macedonia Phone Number to the utilization rate and efficiency of the car written above. This situation relatively easy to solve, but also needs to solved. Find a car. That is, after the user sees the car, the operation of looking for a car and booking a car. The problems in the process of looking for a car mainly Macedonia Phone Number reflected in the trouble of looking for a car, the car cannot found, the result of seeing the car reserved, and the cancellation of the appointment results in low efficiency. Ofo and mobike have different car-finding processes and have different degrees of problems. Because ofo’s cars are relatively low-end, you can’t see the surrounding cars on the app, and can only find them on the road.

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