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Also read: This is how you influence the crawling and indexing of your website Time will tell. In any case, we are keeping a close eye on it. Company information and website personalization What’s next? Information about the visiting company is one, then using it for optimization and marketing is two. Various parties also give you insights into the Vietnam WhatsApp Number List visiting companies. It is also possible to use this data to personalize the website. This means that you are able to optimize the experience on the website if the visitor is present on the website. An article previously appeared with examples of website personalization and the impact of website personalization on Frank watching.

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In the second part of this article, I explain how you can get the data back into Google Analytics. How to get service provider information back in Google Analytics How do you get the data back into Google Analytics? I describe a number of ways. [Editor’s Update: Codes Renewed May 26, 2020 Service provider as Event in Google Analytics The easiest way to get the data back is via an event. This means that the service provider can be found as an event in Google Analytics. The advantage of this approach is that it is easy to implement and that you can easily find the service providers via Google Analytics.

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Your Product Overview

The disadvantage is that the data is not include as a dimension in Google Analytics. This ensures that filtering and analysis via a second dimension is not possible. Incidentally, this is possible with the second approach, which I discuss below. How does it work? This approach is quite simple. We use the This makes filtering and analysis a lot easier. How does it work? Within Google Analytics you must have at least one custom dimension-free because this is used for the service providers. The following steps will help you set up that custom dimension: Within Google Analytics, The service providers will now be sent to this custom dimension.

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