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Now is the time smart businesses are planning and rolling out their holiday marketing – especially since the pandemic is still affecting supply chains and local economies. No matter what type of small business you have, there’s no doubt the retail landscape has shifted. That means your holiday marketing plan should shift, too. Digital Plays A Major Role in 2021 Holiday Shopping Last year, people were shopping online like never before. According to Think with Google, this year will be more ‘omnichannel.’

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As can be on desktop, but if it’s not functional on mobile, you’re going to miss out on business. support local business Thankfully, we can expect shoppers to  Clipping Path embrace local during the 2021 holiday season. While pandemic shopping hasboosted Amazon’s revenues by 40%, many consumers have been trying to shop locally as much as possible. According  Clipping Path to BDC’s research, 97% of Canadian consumers choose to buy local to support the local economy. This isn’t about just pushing local products or services on your target audience.

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You can Sure whatever you’re selling locally provides real value to your customers. People do want to support local businesses this season, but that  Clipping Path doesn’t mean they’ll sacrifice quality or convenience. Yes, things look better than they did last year. But the pandemic is still affecting how we gather, how we travel, and how we celebrate. For some companies, that will mean adjusting your offerings  Clipping Path to match the new climate. With so many homebound families this year, people who previously bought things like vacations, tickets to events or formal shoes and clothing as gifts will need some other ideas.

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