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Reviews can make or break a brand and encouraging satisfied customers to share their positive experience online. Especially on social media platforms can help businesses generate social proof of their efficient services. Reading a good review builds trust in the buyer about the quality and credibility of your product or service. In fact, positive reviews can help you make people understand how your product can improve their lives. Plus, your chance of drawing in more traffic to your site increases when customers write good reviews about your brand on social media platforms. 

People will take out time to read about the reviews, be it on your website, in your e-mail newsletters or in print materials. Let’s check out 7 creative tips to effectively market your brand using customer reviews. Traffic Guide Free Download The Ultimate Guide to Website Traffic for Business First Name * Email * Download Now 1. Leverage customer reviews to build reputation Proudly feature your best unedited reviews at a prominent spot on your website – bold and upfront. This is nothing but word of mouth publicity and will lure your visitors to buy your product or hire your services. Adding the name and photo of a customer will make the review even more authentic and credible. 

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But make sure you take permission from the customers first, before publishing their name or picture on your site. It can be done on your homepage or on all web pages. You can also set up an entire page dedicated to your glowing testimonials or create a series of reviews on your blog. Apart from adding credibility to the site, customer reviews answer USA phone number  visitor’s questions about product quality and, of course, encourage users to check brand’s social accounts. For instance, Hotsy Totsy, a fashion website known for selling fashion products and accessories online, prominently displays customers’ testimonials and feedback on a separate page altogether. 

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Hotsy example of using customer reviews 2. Respond to reviews quickly Show to your customers that you care! And this is for both positive and negative reviews. Take notice of the reviews and respond quickly. Publicly ask your customers to contact you directly so that you can discuss the problem. Show them that you are willing to do all you can to rectify the problem. This will build your customers trust and often sets you apart from your competitors. Even if someone else comes across the review, it will be noted that you had tried to resolve the problem the earliest. 

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Donna Prisyon Galinsky example of using customer reviews 3. Make it easy for customers to review Try to make the process of reviewing your product or service as easy and quick as possible, so that your products and services receive more ratings and attract more reviews. Customers should never feel burdened while filling in your review forms. A blog published at Kissmetrics  suggests to keep your review forms short to make it happen with minimum clicks. In addition, it makes sense to make such forms as fun as possible. You can use an online review platform that sends automated review request emails when customers buy from you.

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