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Since SEO takes time, we pessimistically assume that revenue will not increase in the first six months before gradually increasing to $40,000 and no ad spend needed in the 12th month. This is what it would look like You can see that in this case breakeven is reached in the 12th month. Keep in mind that you should use conservative numbers here. After all, you don’t want your boss breathing down your neck once your estimated break even point hits. You should also make it clear that these are only estimates you can’t guarantee anything. Step 5. Debunk myths and address objections By this point you should be pretty much dry, but your boss will likely have a few more questions and concerns. Answering these will take a bit of thinking, as the questions vary, but a few common concerns keep popping up.

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Let’s look at a few of them. Isn’t SEO just Finland phone number quackery? With so many dishonest SEO services out there I’m sure we’ve all had calls promising front page rankings , this question is more than justified. But how do you approach them without getting too defensive? The best place to start is honesty. Explain that while some SEO service providers are rogue and take advantage of bona fide companies, the actual SEO process itself is legitimate and legal. It’s simply about influencing the known Google ranking factors so that a page is ranked better in the search results. You can also use “social proof” to your advantage. For example, you can show that 60 of marketers say inbound marketing efforts like SEO are their best source of leads If you want to go even further, you can also show your boss the.

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Traffic Value” metrics from Ahrefs Site Explorer for competitors that are performing well. When you explain that competitor A gets an estimated XXXX organic visits per month worth $XXXX, it shows how well SEO can work. “ Doesn’t SEO take forever?” Again, honesty is the best strategy when it comes to this question, because SEO actually takes time. Rankings don’t happen overnight, and anyone who claims otherwise is probably selling quack . According to our study of two million keywords , only 5.7 of pages rank in the top 10 within a year Most bosses know that there is no magic formula in marketing, so explaining that it takes time isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It shows that you understand how things work and that you have a realistic perspective. See it as something positive, not something negative.


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