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You could also go for a short survey on your website or a quick poll on. Facebook to know about your customers. For instance, FitBit conducted a quick poll to draw in traffic to its site. Fitbit as example of using customer reviews 4. Turn customers into brand ambassadors With the content overload on the web. It is difficult to regularly create content that will engage and entertain people equally. This is where it pays to make your customers your brand ambassadors. 

By having a group of customers as your brand ambassadors, you can easily break through with an authentic voice because it will sound different, genuine and most importantly real. With the ever-growing competition on the web, it’s important to make your customer’s in-charge of your brand. There can be customers who run an entire blog on your site, or one or more customers could be in charge of tweeting and posting stories relevant to your product. An article on socialmediaexamin reveals that Shofer’s Furniture implemented a brand ambassador program that increased their site traffic by 4000%. 

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SocialToaster example of using customer reviews 5. Keep a regular check on review sites Review sites are basically local directories that allow people to share their experience about various businesses and brands. On searching a particular name of a UK phone number business or product, visitors get reviews and ratings along with the listing. It is an easy way for customers to know what other people think about your brand and business. There are several popular review sites such as Yelp, Review Center and Trust Pilot. So, create an account on all these sites and use it to make you look better. You can also consider advertising on these sites. 

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For instance, Yelp allows you to pick your best reviews and run it in the listing right next to your competitors. Check out the below advertisement on Yelp to understand how it works. Claire L Hos – example of using customer reviews But don’t forget the listing should be laid out in such a way that vital elements of your brand pop up. For instance, your logo shouldn’t be buried under the fold or at the bottom of the page and your contact details should be easy to spot. 6. 

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Share reviews in promotional emails According to Unbounce , over 294 billion emails are sent each day. An average person receives 72 emails per day and spends up to 30% of their working day checking out their inboxes. Now, this is unarguably a huge number. So, it’s important that your customers love your emails. Including customer feedback in your promotional emails may encourage your customers to make a purchase on your site. Here’s an email from Shape Fx that successfully adds reviews to its pitch. shapefx example of using customer reviews 7. Share customer reviews on social media Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are popular places for customers to talk about and leave feedback or reviews for a specific product or business. Collect and leverage positive customer

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