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Exclude products based on assortment You learned from a study that sizes S, M and L yield a significantly higher conversion than surrounding sizes Example of feed marketing based on availability. All sizes are available for this product. When all products are in stock, as in the example above, all products will be included in your data feed. We then create a smart rule that states that when sizes S, M, and L are sold out, the remaining sizes will also be Bahamas WhatsApp Number List removed from your advertising channels. After all, the surrounding sizes yield a much lower return. Image of feed marketing based on availability.

Original Data Feed

The running sizes are sold out, so the other sizes are excluded. By excluding all products, you avoid expensive advertising costs on products with poor returns. You can better use the saved budget to bet on other products where S, M and L are available. 5. Weather-Based Bid Adjustments Another smart rule you can add in feed marketing is weather adjustments. By means of Buienrader’s freely accessible data feed, you can have your data feed respond to the current weather or even the weather forecast. Screenshot of adding Buienradar data to your feed marketing. feed from Buienradar.

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Data Feed

This can add a lot of value to an indoor playground, for example. By offering more in rainy weather, you will be shown better at these times and therefore have a more prominent presence. On the other hand, you can automatically lower bids in nice and warm weather. Feed enrichment based on the weather. In this way you filter different weather conditions from an .xml feed and divide it over different campaigns. 6. Automate your entire Google Ads based on the data feed This option is relatively new in feed marketing land, but it is an option that we will be using a lot in the future.

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