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Less content do Voice in the Netherlands: 37% use speech assistant do Parallel to this, the amount of queries (searches) per sector will increase or decrease. A simple example: there will be more searches for ‘yoga mat’ and ‘laptop standard’. But the number of searches for tickets for specific events will decrease in the coming weeks. So be aware that the Philippines WhatsApp Number List auction is constantly and more than ever in flux. Crucial insights The key question: how can you act optimally in this ‘turbulent’ auction? There are eight specific things to look out for: 1. Keywords top-10 See the keywords across your account or within select key accounts.

Organizations Have Previously

Volumes in costs, conversions and clicks with the period before the crisis. Or just the same period last year. This way you can see certain volumes in perspective and see if you can make adjustments. Tip: you can easily ‘filter out’ keywords with a filter, for example your ‘ branded terms ‘. Filter out branded terms from search results in Google Ads. 2. Searches top-10 You will notice in Google Ads that people in today’s market search differently. In addition, there will be variants of searches that you may want to cover better. For example with matching keywords or a specific ad group and landing page.

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You can again compare cross-periodically, but you can also filter on the search terms that you do not yet have in your account to map out the outliers. Choose ‘Added excluded’ and then ‘none’. Insight into Google Ads of the search terms that were literally searched. Insight into the search terms that were literally searched for. 3. Relative CTR An often overlooked option is the relative CTR you have compared to your competitors. Are there suddenly competitors who do act on other USPs? Or possibly have an interesting proposition that can influence your proposition.

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