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So if you need product descriptions, categories. Pages or website text other than articles. You can ask our native copywriters to prepare the right text for you. The price offer is below. Writing text for the website can be ordered on the platform in the “my content. Order website content” section. Finally, we would like to mention that we have added Poland Phone Number new websites in german. So that our offer has reached 270 websites, and if you have a website in german. You can register it on the platform. We are pleased to announce that starting today. We will be able to make payments to individuals via. The same platform directly from the editor account on the white press platform.

Below You Will Find

Some important information Poland Phone Number about this payment method: payments are made in eur. So if you have a euro account, we recommend that you put it in the whitepress platform so that you do not incur additional foreign exchange costs. Using the useme withdrawal platform is not free – the cost for each cash withdrawal is 5% of the amount withdrawn , but not less than 5 euro (if the price for an item is for example 20 euros and you withdraw money for an item, useme will charge you 5 euros, that’s why we recommend you withdraw money only when you exceed the amount collected by 100 euros). If you wish to withdraw money from your whitepress account, you must withdraw the full amount available when you do so.

Although Our Standard Policy

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That payment is made within 3 business Poland Phone Number days, for payments. Made through use the payment period is approximately 7 business days . This information is also set forth in section 2.19 of the ” whitepress terms and conditions “. If you agree with these terms, and you wish to cooperate, please enter the necessary information about the websites / blogs you own in the platform and (re) submit them when activated. Withdrawal process: 1. Click the useme withdrawal (cashier – withdrawal) button 2. Here you will find important information about withdrawing funds 3. You will receive a confirmation and the value in the account will be set to 0 – you will be able to see the amounts withdrawn in the history

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