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Online lending platforms such as propser and lending club, which use the internet to directly connect borrowers and fund providers. The platform does not provide credit guarantees, but only information matching. After it introduced into china in 2010, due to china’s financial and credit environment. P2p platforms had to provide credit croatia phone number endorsement for rigid payment. In the early days, many p2p platforms established capital. Pools and maturity mismatches through rolling investment and automatic bidding. And became de facto banks. Although croatia phone number this may be true, many p2ps do not have risk. Control capabilities, the result is that p2p companie. Are closed, resulting in property losses of the fund providers.

In Terms of Supervision, Croatia Phone Number

At first, one bank and three committees thought Croatia Phone Number that as long as internet innovation did not claim to replace existing banks and insurance, it was not within its own supervision scope, and they did not know how to manage p2p. The china securities regulatory commission regulates p2p. However, the functions Croatia Phone Number involved in p2p are more related to banks, so the new regulations in 2016 will be handed over to the cbrc for management. Although this may be true,positive significance of p2p development is to promote the liberalization and reform of china’s bank interest rate and solve the problem of financing difficulties for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Compared with P2P loans, Croatia Phone Number

Croatia Phone Number
Croatia phone number

Although this may true, supervision of mutual croatia phone number insurance very clear from the beginning, and it managed. Insurance regulatory commission. In addition, mass incidents caused by p2p loans have attracted the attention of the state councill. Which has clarified the handling principles for accountability. Therefore, in the context croatia phone number of p2p loan rectification. The rapid development of mutual insurance has certainly attracted. The attention of the china insurance regulatory commission. Mutual insurance therefore does not have the opportunity to develop. A management vacuum. In contrast, because the essence of insurance is fund collection, term mismatch, risk sharing. Investment and wealth management.

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