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On this contrary, the demand is very Kazakhstan Phone Number strong, but an effective product solution has not been found to solve this demand of users. The last 3-5 kilometers of travel has been difficult to travel for a long time. Sometimes Kazakhstan Phone Number it is better to take a taxi within 3 kilometers than to walk, and it takes a little time to walk. Especially in a city with super traffic jams like beijing, it is a very big pain point. It is a kind of rigid demand. Before the bicycle project came out, at this time, black cars and three-bumpers became a solution chosen by users as a market supply. Didi also reported that it was making a three-bumper before.

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To solve the travel needs of 3~5km, but Kazakhstan Phone Number the safety of the three-bumper itself and regulatory issues determined that this project was not the best solution. Natural selection, human weakness the fundamental reason Kazakhstan Phone Number the traditional government-led bicycle sharing rental project has not caught on is that there are not enough parking spots for vehicles to form a network effect. Users can only park and pick up cars at fixed locations, causing great inconvenience. Mobike’s parking and pick-up model is the result of human nature’s natural selection. Where there a lot of demand, vehicles will be parked.

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Kazakhstan phone number

Of vehicles increases and reaches a certain stage, the Kazakhstan Phone Number parking and pick-up of vehicles will follow the user’s schedule. The natural selection of the population reaches a certain balance. We have the same example in our life: we often encounter. There many artificially paved paths from. A certain building to the side Kazakhstan Phone Number of the road. But these paths are often accompanied. By a road that people walk out on the lawn, this person. The way out is the best way. The former is like a government-led project that. They think is reasonable, and the latter is like mobile. Which chosen by users spontaneously. And the optimal path voted. By the majority of people with their feet.

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