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You love receiving handwritten letters and birthday cards? We all do. Writing a handwritten ‘thank you’ card or note is a memorable way to show your gratitude to your customer. Handwritten ‘thank you’ cards are old-fashioned in a good way. They show you really care – after all, you took the extra time to write a special and personal note when you could just have emailed. You can also send them small gifts with your note. It will make their day. 

Think about how special it would make you feel! Wrapping up no matter what business you’re in, a simple thank you message can really boost your conversions. So now it’s my turn – thank you for reading this post! I’d love to hear from you in the comments – how often do you say thank you? Do you serve a ‘thank you’ page or have an automated ‘thank you’ email? Let me know down below! Guest author: atit shah is a digital marketing specialist and the founder of digiblogic. He is a true foodie who loves product marketing, e-commerce, traveling and photography.

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Link building is regularly a hot topic among marketers and seo professionals alike. While some call this practice obsolete, others claim that it’s one of the most efficient ways of boosting your search ranking. So, who should you believe? In all honesty, search engines didn’t do a very good job at clearing up the confusion. Yes, bad links can affect your traffic Finland phone number and profits, but how can you tell for sure what qualifies as a spammy link building strategy? After all, a couple of years ago, matt cutts claimed that guest blogging is frowned upon by google and businesses that use this tactic may lose their rankings. 

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But seo agencies still use this tactic prolifically to boost rankings. With so much confusion around the topic, it should come as no surprise that a lot of businesses would rather avoid link building than waste time and resources cleaning up bad links. But, that’s not an effective strategy either. As frustrating as it may be, backlinks are an essential ranking factor, and your ranking can significantly impact the success of your company. To help you make some sense of this dilemma, here are 9 link building tactics that you should definitely avoid in 2017. 

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Organic traffic guide free download the ultimate guide to organic traffic for small business first name * email * download now 1. Buying links you have to spend money to make money. However, this old business truism doesn’t apply to link building. You will find enough so-called seo gurus telling you that buying links is not that bad. It’s just a way to help you get the ball rolling and fake it until you make it. In reality, however, buying links was a bad idea then, and it is a bad idea now. Ethics aside. This tactic is also inefficient and can get your site penalized. The new penguin algorithm is now real-time, meaning that if you are caught using controversial link building practices, you will see a drop in rankings immediately.

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