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This eye-tracking test showed that ads integrated and placed closer to. Your most valuable content were spotted 47% quicker than banner ads tossed at random around the page. Furthermore, the actual area containing the integrated ads was viewed by 451% more people when compared to an area with banner ads. Impressive, right? Well, that’s not all: the test showed that banner blindness can be overcome by non-traditional ad placement.

Users spend 4000% more time in areas with actual content, rather than in those with banner ads. This can significantly increase brand recall. Users tend to spot more content at the top of a page, but often skim over leaderboards or skyscraper ads. According to the study, ads placed in unconventional page locations – at the edges or in between. Text content – were actually more effective than ads located in more traditional areas. It’s worth noting that one of the most effective ways to fight banner blindness is to make your ads or offerings look less like… well… ads. Eliminate contrasting colors or fixed frames around your promotional material. In conclusion eye-tracking research has made significant progress over the past few years.

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 When it comes to marketing, following your gut feeling is not always the best idea – instead. Pay attention to the latest data to boost your text consumption levels. In the long run, it will help you increase the number of your conversions in addition to the time your visitors spend on your website. So go bigger: use boldface and increased font Paraguay phone number sizes in introductory paragraphs to make readers notice key info; be concise and switch to bulleted point or listicles; introduce subheadings to break up text; and beat banner blindness by placing your marketing material next to the things your readers actually want to read. Do these four things alone, and you’ll be 4x closer to having super optimized content that web visitors can’t help but take time out to read.

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Influencer campaigns are a major trend, one which show no signs of slowing down. If you open your instagram, twitter, facebook or just about any social media account, you’ll see influencers from all walks of life promoting various products or services. So what’s the secret behind successful influencer campaigns? It’s simple – the brands and businesses behind them found out how to avoid the common pitfalls when constructing their campaigns. The good news is, you can too. Read on to learn about the most common influencer marketing mistakes and how to avoid them easily. 

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Influencer marketing guide free download the ultimate guide to influencer marketing for business first name * email * download now but first, why is influencer marketing a big deal? If you have tried dipping your toe into influencer marketing without success, you may be a bit bitter. However, when conducted properly, it can help you improve your brand’s reputation (which is always important), generate more traffic, turn more leads into customers, and promote your business to achieve the success you deserve. No, this is not just mumbo-jumbo! The numbers don’t lie, and the diagram presented below will tell you everything you need to know about the

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