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An impression occurs when the user’s search query has at least one. Of your keywords, causing your ppc ads to appear. However, clicks occur when the user finds the ad relevant. To his or her nes and clicks on it to get redirect to your landing page. If the keywords have a lot of impressions but few or no clicks, that means. That your keywords are lacking relevance. The solution to this problem is to ensure that your. Keywords are carefully target so that when a user searches. For you, you are showing them an ad that clearly correlates with their search query.

Lastly, there are keywords that have clicks but no conversions. If you are getting a substantial amount of clicks but no conversions, this means that either your ppc campaigns are improperly manag or your website is lacking the necessary elements to generate more conversions. The initial step to check why your clicks are not turning into conversions is to analyze your ppc campaigns. To identify the main issues which are preventing conversions, you can review a number of factors within the campaign. 

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You can check the search query reports in adwords to find the root cause you can check your website to look for more reasons for the non-conversions you can analyze and check the design, call-to-action and landing page always ensure that your ads Bolivia phone number are direct towards a landing page and not your homepage. There may be other reasons that your keywords are not performing beyond these. Perhaps the bid of the keyword is not high enough – or the search volume of the keyword is too low. It could be that the keyword lacks relevance or the match type isn’t appropriate.

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 Either way, to avoid losing money, you need to track the performance of your keywords. 4. Create a negative keyword list negative keywords are important keywords that save your ad budget by preventing your ads getting trigger by irrelevant search queries. They help you to make sure that your ads appear only in front of those who are actually looking for your offer. Negative keywords give you a chance to filter out any unwant traffic and save some dollars that otherwise would have been wast by the irrelevant clicks. For example, if you sell new laptops, you might create ads using new laptops as your keywords. But your ads may get display to users searching for old laptops, repair laptops and second-hand laptops. 

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Since you only sell new laptops, not old, repair or second-hand laptop, getting triggered to these ads is not helpful and will bring in no returns. Thus, to save your ad budget you can add old, second-hand and repair as negative keywords. After adding these negative keywords, your ad will only get displayed for a search query that is directly correlated with your targeted keywords. Apart from saving your ad spend, negative keywords can also improve your ppc campaigns  by increasing your click-through-rate (ctr), conversions and quality score. Because the negative keywords make the ads more targeted and focused, the clicks that are generated are more conversion-oriented, and when your ctr and

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