Analysis of Beauty Practice Products Transformation Trend of Cosmetics Consumption Patterns in the New Consumption Era

On March 13, 2019. The official Weibo account of the Meixiu APP exposed the “hormone baby cream” incident, pointing out that only two of the nearly 8 baby creams that sold over one million on a well-known e-commerce platform and the highest price reached 400rmb/30g No hormones. This means that at least millions of infants and young children across the country are being harmed by illegally adding hormones without knowing it.

Product positioning

In the 2018 China Cosmetics Summit Forum, Yi Ou, the founder of Beauty Cultivation, said that the typical user-end needs that need to be paid attention to in the consumption upgrade challenge in the new consumption era are from the more
Thailand Phone Number mature and rational middle class who pay attention to product quality and cost-effectiveness. For the skin care and cosmetics market, it means that advertising and Internet celebrity blogger Amway-oriented consumption has begun to gradually change to the pursuit of scientific and rational purchase of cost-effective skin care and cosmetics that suit you.

Description of competing products

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For example, “You look so good today. Which takes smart skin testing and skin care as its core business, and is also a tool + community personal care product. Unlike beauty practice. Which is used to use information and information before consumption. You are so beautiful today is more like an AI technology-driven personal skin intelligent management tool. The user’s basic usage scenario is to intelligently record their daily skin conditions and viewing stages. Sexual skin condition.

In addition, from the perspective of visual interaction. There are some differences in the UI design of the two: the main color of the beautiful practice is purple. The page structure is clear and concise, and the style is neutral; while you look really good today. Light blue is used as the color. The main color is a cute style icon that is more girly.

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